Hammond-Miller Family

On September 21, 1946, at Gobin Memorial Methodist Church in Greencastle, Putnam County, Indiana, Edward Hurst Hammond, son of Ross Nathaniel Hammond and Opal Marie Hurst married Barbara Jeanne Miller, daughter of Albert “Bert” Miller and Martha Deene Williams.  In the wedding party photo above, they are standing on the front lawn of Bert and Martha’s home at 201 West Franklin Street in Greencastle. The photo on the left of Ross and Opal was taken about 1945-46. The photo on the right of Bert and Martha was taken prior to 1953.

Surnames in the Hammond-Hurst Family Tree

Surnames in the Miller-Williams Family Tree

Other Surnames I’m Researching

Cover Photos:

Left Photo: Opal Marie Hurst Hammond and Ross Nathaniel Hammond

Middle Photo:  Ross Nathaniel Hammond, Opal Marie Hurst Hammond, Edward Hurst Hammond, Barbara Jeanne Miller Hammond, Albert “Bert” Miller, Martha Deene Williams Miller, kneeling in front on left, James Medford Hammond and on right, Charles Joe Miller

Right Photo:  Martha Deene Williams Miller and Albert “Bert” Miller


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